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Membership Dues for the 2017-2018 Year

Thank you for your interest in the Wisconsin Academy of Ophthalmology.  We certainly appreciate your participation in the organization and trust you will find it to be a beneficial experience.

If you are registering more than 1 member, each member receives a $25 discount on membership dues.
See instructions below.

Membership Category
Description Dues
Clinic  A clinic or agency that supports and is dedicated to Ophthamology practice  $0.00
Active Ophthamologist An Ophthamologist practicing individually
Young Ophthalmologist
An Ophthamologist in first 3 Years of practice (out of training)
Semi-Retired/Part Time
An Ophthamologist practicing part-time
Associate Any employee within clinic that is not an active physician - With clinic membership, associates of your organization are included at no cost
Former physician now retired
Any student training to be an Ophthalmologist
Primary practice is outside of WI

How to Register/Renew your membership for the 2017-2018 year

Note to CURRENT Members: Please do not complete a new online application. Instead, SIGN IN to your existing member account on the right, and proceed to "Renew Your Membership."  If you need assistance with logging in, please contact the WAO office at

Please note: Joining as a Clinic ($0.00), provides a $25 discount to all of your staff. It also allows you to pay all membership dues invoices at one time. Choose the "Clinic" option below to register your clinic. Associates (non-physician members) are eligible to join at no cost.

You can also fill out the Member Roster and Download the Dues Statement form Manually.
Fill in all members that wish to join WAO. As a reminder, upon joining as a Clinic, each member receives a $25 discount on membership dues.  WAO also provides complimentary membership to all non-physician employees within your clinic. 
On this form we ask that you fill in the appropriate contact information for your clinic.  Please list your dues that you will pay this year.

Step 3: The Member Roster may be submitted along with the Dues Statement form either by mail, fax, or email at the following:

Wisconsin Academy of Ophthalmology

563 Carter Ct. Ste B Kimberly, WI 54136

Fax: (920) 882-3655   Email:


Contact the WAO office:
(920) 560-5645 or

Thank you for your membership in the Wisconsin Academy of Ophthalmology!

Join Online

If you wish to join online to register a your clinic or a single member, please use select your member type below to begin: